The A to Z of departures


At London bridge there’s a board which lists an a to z of next departures by destination. This means you search for your destination alphabetically and find the next train.

Quite a few friends when coming to visit me in Peckham let me know how much they love the board. It is something that hasn’t reached the rest of the country yet.

‘that’s destination board innovation’ I say.
‘it’s a beta trial. If people like it every board in the land will be like this. Imagine that!’

They nod. ‘Innovation is everywhere. This is the age of innovation.’

We are the innovation generation.


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3 responses to “The A to Z of departures

  1. It’s ten past midnight, you should’ve been legging it to catch your train, not taking photos. Unless of course your train departure board had just informed you hay you’d missed your last train home!

  2. all aboard for the last train to innovation. That’s a tough destination to reach.

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