Ramblings of a Strategist: The Brand Challenge & Opportunity



The Brand Challenge

The next ten years will see the continuing ferocious acceleration of change in how companies attract and build loyal customers.

One of the key drivers of this change is the disruption caused by the digitalisation of our world through technology, and the accompanying changes in customer behaviour and needs.

Digital channels and platforms will soon be the main and only brand touch-points and therefore will become the critical space for brands to engage customers.

Interactive brand experiences will become the new competitive advantage, and the depth of digital engagement delivered by the experiences will become one of the key measures of brand value.

These changes promise to disrupt markets, bankrupt the status quo and reward brand innovation and dynamism.

The Brand Opportunity

Digital has created amazing opportunities for brands to reach customers on a 1 to 1 basis, creating interactive personalised experiences that have the potential to build loyal and valuable long-term relationships with customers.

The humanisation of brands through digital means that all brands must understand how to act and react in interactive spaces. Trust has become the new brand currency – and has led to the opportunity for real, digital, value-led brands that represent their products & services authentically at ground level, to disrupt markets.

The opportunity for brands to stay ahead and innovate using digital platforms to quickly create, test and learn new product & service ideas and enhancements has never been greater and easier.

Digital now affords organisations with the will the potential to quickly and easily build a rapid fire innovation mentality within previously staid and static brands and create innovative digital experiences that deliver deeper and more long-lasting customer engagement.

 The Digital future is brand led  – and companies that can deliver consistent brand experiences across all channels will earn the continued loyalty of their customers over generations to come.

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