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I HEART the Enterprise – making large companies human again

When I use to think of the word ‘Enterprise’ I couldn’t help but think of Star Trek and Spock’s pointy ears, and somehow the milky white blood of the android dude in Alien would get in there also. It’s to do with the inhumanity of the large company I think. In the last two decades they have managed, through terrible one-size fits all broadcast communications, to make me feel a complete lack of respect and empathy towards them. And it seemed up until now they didn’t care. But then along comes social, and now boy do they care!


Silos eh! Nothing is connected together!

I have also changed in that time. I have moved from a creative agency to a digital consultancy and now  find myself working more and more with said Enterprise. And I love it.


But what is an Enterprise? Wikipedia defines it as:

A business
A company
Entrepreneurship, the practice of starting new organizations, particularly new businesses

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