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Alien technology ( the phone from 1923)

I have been given a blackberry at work. I think it is called a storm.

Or maybe it is wet shower. Or trickle ? Not sure. But it is like an alien technology to me. I can’t use it. It is like going back in time. Actually I think it is the phone the woman in the Charlie Chaplin video is using in 1923.

Because if they had brought it out in 1923 it might have just about been ahead of other technologies like the phonograph. For a month or so.

The phone is so bad that executives who are forced to painfully write their emails on this thing add an automatic message on the bottom of their emails that says ‘Excuse brevity. Sent from blackberry’.

Now I wonder if some clever dude could work out what the cost to the economy is of all these high powered execs not expressing themselves fully by email and thus delaying projects and causing confusion?

Please someone buy RIM – or work out how to make iPhones secure. It’s not rocket science surely ? Or is it? Nana nana nana nana ( scarey theme music from alien body snatchers type film).

Excuse irony. Written on my iPhone.


Mobile technology - but not as we know it Jim!

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