Impossibly crap Weetabix packaging

We’ve invented the mobile Internet, nanotechnology, Facebook, non-stick frying pans, bicycles with coloured tyres and tincy wincy handle bars – but we’ve been unable to do anything about Weetabix packaging!

Why o why Mister Weetabix Packaging Man do you insist on wrapping the weetabixes in substandard greasy plastic which once opened allows all the little bits of Weetabix to collect at the bottom of the box so that every morning when one picks up the box to serve oneself those same little bits sprinkle themselves laughingly all over the floor. It’s a bad packaging kinda start to the morning I can tell you.

Maybe you don’t have the money, or you’re just a little bit lazy? So you know what I’m going to do Mister Weetabix Packaging Man? I’m gonna start a Kickstarter project right this instant to get some money together to help you redesign the packaging.

Watch this space.



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3 responses to “Impossibly crap Weetabix packaging

  1. Bernard

    Absolutely with you on this.

  2. G Voysey

    Ancient fingers fumbling give the floor a messing, Then the new packing, now that got our backing and you, a blessing. But oh! dear oh! its old status quo and the new is sadly missing

  3. Pete

    Absolutely agree. I am a weetbix fan and have eaten then for years in Australia. I have come to the UK and cannot believe the stupid packaging of this weetabix product. I have been that pissed with them that I wrote to the company. You just cant eat them without making a %#@^& mess. That’s not what one wants at Breakfast time.

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