Musings on User Experience

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Because of digital, everything is now human.

Products that existed only on supermarket shelves and in kitchen cupboards are now living and breathing via digital.

Products are now members of our social network.

They have been humanized through digital interfaces.

The brand is now in one to one relationships with thousands of fans.

Brands are alive – and need to be human through interactive interfaces. And to be human, interfaces must be intuitive.

Customers now see every intuitive interaction with a brand through a digital interface as an authentic human interaction.

The most intuitive interface is the most authentic, and the most instinctively human.

Only one interface is born instinctively intuitive: the nipple.

Everything else needs to be uxed to feel instinctively intuitive.

Instinctive intuitive design is hard won through interation and testing.

Innovative and intuitive are sometimes not good bedfellows  – the best way to achieve a task may not be the most innovative.

But great innovation should never make us think.

Because in the end, we don’t want to think.

We just want to experience.

We want to flow through tasks and achieve our goals without having to relearn, rethink, or redo.

We want return to our mother’s nipple – the first most intuitive and beautiful experience.

UX is the design of interactions that feel instinctive and pre-learned and which allow experience to flow.

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