It’s Business Time for Advertising!

It’s Business Time for Advertising!

Digital is Transforming Advertising into a Numbers Game.

Advertising still needs to deliver the emotional jolt to the soul and change behaviours – but it now has to be interactive, personalised, contextual and multi platform. In fact, what we call Digital Marketing will be called Advertising in 5 years time.

There is no escaping the fact that it is Business Time for hit and hope advertising.

Our clients now have real deep data – and want their advertising to deliver real measurable change.
No more short quick blow outs with unprovable claims of ecstasy through coolness. No more throw backs to advertising like its 1999.

The clients are shouting.

And they are shouting –

‘It’s Business Time baby. We want Greatness from our advertising, but we want it multi platform, we want it measurable, we want it 1 to 1 and we want it always on!’

Yeah baby.


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