The Old…they wanna buy stuff and be cool too!


The Old – they may be closer to getting their one way tickets to space…but they still want to buy stuff and feel cool. And they have the money…and nothing to lose.

Why do middle-aged middle of the road middle managers in the Advertising industry insist on excluding the old? Is it too hard a job to convince them to stop using the old brands they used when they were young?

If Superdry can convince a whole generation of 40 year old men to dress like their 6 year old sons..then surely we can get those 40 year old’s dads to dress like their 40 year old sons?

Surely advertising, if it wanted to, could make the old cool again?

Wouldn’t that be a challenge worth taking instead of selling them 2 pairs of faux leather shoes for £9.99?

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